One of the great gaming veterans, David Ward, has died

In the gaming industry often not expected news is made known, this can range from an important announcement as an exit date or to revelations that leave fans impacted. However, there are also the deaths of great figures that strengthened this hobby, being on this occasion the Lord _david ward One of those people.

For those who are somewhat unknown, the Lord Ward was one of the veterans who shaped the first classic video games, thus founding the company called Ocean Software. The study attributed by some well -known releases of the nes and Snes, most of these being adaptations of films to the world of the 8 bits.

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Some of his works were Robocop, Jurassic Park, Batman, Rambo, Transformers, just to mention some.

The sad news of the fall of David Ward was released by his son Ben Ward. This through an emotional tweet that says the following:

It is sad to inform that my father David Ward has died. Born in 1947, he was a pioneer of PC video games. We had a complicated relationship, but we loved each other. We will miss you, Dad.

Similarly, the entity that regulates interactive entertainment in United Kingdom , ukie, gave a final words to Ward:

We are saddened by the death of David Ward, co -founder of the Pioneer Development and Headquarters company in Manchester, Ocean Software. Our condolences are with his friends and family.

Editor’s note : It is always sad to see the greatest exponents of the video game industry; However, each one leaves a legacy to take the example of the next generations of developers. Although the greatest pain of all, both friends and family take it.

Vía: Gamesindustry

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