The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Theory becomes viral 10 years after its launch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a mysterious game with several unsolved mysteries to this day, but none greater than why the guards are so dumb. This is a mystery that has plagued players for many years. Ten or eleven years to be something exact. However, insomnia nights reflecting on this mystery are a thing of the past. More in the “game” Reddit Page, a game fan that still plays in 2022, like many of us, finally rebuilt him and in the process he went viral on Reddit and won almost all the rewards he can win.

This Skyrim Theory Will Change the Way You See Everything
According to the theory, it is survival. If you meet Dragonborn, who can kill and close the whole town in an eye, are you going to do your job diligently or pretend that it was the wind? Some may live up to the call of duty and, therefore, Lydia will set them on fire and trample them.

“It took me years of playing Skyrim realizing why they say that” the wind must have been, “says the beginning of the theory. “So I understand that everything in Skyrim is a characteristic I have laughed a lot from the guards to submit the two arrows that excel their skull as” her imagination. ” ‘Fools, I love this game,’ he thought as he walked. Then I finally realized. They are not dumb, it is their best movement and wise in that. You live in a world where dragons, giants and mammoths can kill you instantly. Worse than that, there are stories of this dragonborn, which has been attacking them 1V1 (and Lydia) without stopping. Such being cannot be true. While you take care of your own issues protecting Whiterun, suddenly you are witnessing how Garth and Dave, friends for a long time, listen to the voice on the horizon. The jarl pays cock and you know you have no chance. Then what do you do? Easy. You saw nothing. Not my problem. To your surprise, this crazy and cheerful boy of the armor is put on the snap towards you like a wild animal and begins to steal your things. So you play calm, you get the dead in a certain sense, you do nothing. Then, to your surprise, he puts himself on snoop, leaving you unharmed and more light gold. So you tell the other guards, who tell their friends until everyone in skyrim realizes that if you pretend that you cannot see it, do not complain while trying to put a bucket on your head, then you will buy it and maybe it survives ».

Bethesda Game Studios has never been sincere about why the guards are as they are. It is probably to allow players more freedom and entertainment in the game testing z1. Until providing more information, this theory is the best we have.

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