Skyrim for thieves and tensioners: New mod brings perfect feature

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is full of closed doors. Of course, this is more than annoying for thieves, assassins or other darkness. A mod is now expanding the role -playing game with a helpful feature that is much more fun with.

New Skyrim-Mod: Thieves and tensioners can be happy

Although The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is more than ten years old, there are still fans who continue to develop mods for playing role play **. They improve the graphics, give you new weapons and armor and sometimes even completely new game features.

The new “Take a Peek” mod, for example, allow you to spy through key holes. So if you are in front of a door, you no longer have to burst directly into the room before you can see what is going on. If you are about to storm a bandit hiding place, this brings you, for example, new tactical planning options. In a city, on the other hand, you will harvest completely failing looks for the keyhole. In the video of the developer, you can see which features the mod contains for you.

Skyrim-Mod works almost everywhere in heavenly edge

Path Stalkers: Ranger's Guild and Followers - Shapeless Skyrim PS4 Mods (Ep. 198)

The “Take a Peek” mod works for practically all doors in heavenly edge , where there is (or could give) a keyhole, through which you can spy on. It also makes no difference whether the door is complete or not. If you look at your fellow human beings in public, there are also passing NPCs.

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