Skyrim fan exposes the great dizziness of the gray hardness

In order to visit the gray hardness in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, you have to take a arduous way. There are 7,000 levels for the Hoch-Rothgar monastery! At least that’s what the clever residents say. A player did not want to believe this statement and counted exactly. The old gentlemen probably lied.

Skyrim: The gray hardness has lied to you

The main quest by The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim inevitably leads you to the gray gardens at some point. Old way men who sit on the neck of the world in their isolated monastery and train their dragon cry. The way to you is not exactly easy. It is a snow -covered pilgrimage path, which is also called the residents of Himmelsrand “the 7,000 levels” .

However, the reddit useremergency_paperclip became suspicious . 7,000 levels? That sounds a bit exaggerated. So he decided to count without further ado and came to the conclusion: there are actually only 719 stages.

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Skyrim fan has an explanation in stock

Of course, snow is located on the pilgrimage path and some of the steps have been quite affected over time. So it is quite possible that the fan overlooked some stages. Nevertheless, it is clear: there are certainly no 7000 levels. Has anyone flunker here to make the path to their own monastery a little to make it look longer and epic ?

The Reddit user Ravindu2001 has a different explanation. Heavenly edge has shrunk due to the technical limits of time. For example, a book in the game would describe the way between riften and white run, which would probably take almost a year . In Skyrim itself, the route can of course be mastered in a much shorter time. It could also be explained how 7,000 steps become a little more than 700.

Skyrim is full of secrets

The abundance of secrets that can be discovered everywhere in heavenly edge is definitely not briefly. In the following video, 5 of them are listed, some of which we did not yet know:

The pilgrimage path to the gray gardens allegedly consists of 7,000 steps. However, a fan has now counted and found out: there are not 7000 but only a little more than 700 . The wise masters have exaggerated a bit.

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