WoW: Dragonflight: Legendaries in Talent Baum

After the flood of information on the WoW expansion Dragon Flight , we collect a few interviews by the developers. Immediately after announcing the dragon addon, Hazelnuttygames had the opportunity to speak to Ion hazzikostas. From the interview with the WoW Game Director we learn one or the other detail that we have not known so far.

We knew, for example, that some pact skills from Shadowlands in hike the revised talent trees from Dragon Flight , but also some legendary effects will also find their way into the duo talent trees. The most important statements from the interview of Hazelnuttygames with Ion Hazzikostas, summarized below.

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Borrowed Power, Profession Talents and More! Dragonflight Interview with Ion Hazzikostas

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less borrowed power (borrowed power)

  • Dragon Flight will contain less “borrowed power” systems, which is largely due to the feedback of the players. The revision of the talent system replaces the adaptation options and the (theoretical) flexibility that players previously found in election -based systems such as the pacts.
    There will be no dragon flight-specific activated ability that the players use in this expansion.
    The talent system is designed for future extensions *, even if, as in the past, it is probably not wearable for more than a few extensions – This is a problem that the developers have to deal with in the future.
    This does not mean that borrowed power will disappear forever ** – equipment and animal sets are also a form of power that is constantly replaced or left when the players switch to a new animal or an extension, and and You do not want to completely exclude the idea of exciting or thematic patch-specific systems.

talent and legendarys

Legendarys in the style of the Shadowland/Legion are not planned for Dragon Flight *, since these adaptation options can instead can be found in the talent system .
* Unique legendarys like the Sylvanas arch can still appear if it fits thematically and is appropriate.
*You want to publish the
talent trees before the alpha phase ** so that the players can start analyzing them and discussing their feedback.

fame and call

  • The call system has hardly changed since 2005, and it is not very transparent how you earn calls or what rewards you get.
  • Fame has solved many of these problems and offers a more elegant way for a measurable and constant progress by determining goals on a visible route that players can work towards at their own pace.
    The collecting of fame will not necessarily take place in the form of structured weekly quests as in the shadowlands *, but rather in the form of goals with an open end.
  • There will definitely be cosmetics and useful equipment for outdoor players who do not make mythic+ or slaughterhouse, but no player power that goes beyond what is available elsewhere.

dragon riding, motion sickness and accessibility

Dracthyr will dominate the basic form of dragon riding with their own wings *, but for the “improved versions that players earn through dragon riding”, they must use the dragon companion.
* This enables the Dracthyr to deal with a dragon companion like any other people, with all the visual adjustments that are associated with it.
* Dragon riding dracthyr will use their “visa” (humanoid form), since “dragon riding on dragons is a little strange”.
Dracthyr can fly outside of the dragon islands without a mount, although it is * more an improved form of gliding than a real flight.
The dragon riding should not reduce the function or the number of normal mounts – There will still be many new mounts on the dragon islands that the players can collect.
* The dragon riding does not completely replace the regular mounts, but mainly serves to overcome long distances or reach areas that are difficult to access, while you can continue to use the wide collection of normal mounts when running around.
Over time, upgrades help you to reach higher places or to return to the city quickly.
* Motion Sickness and accessibility are central concerns that are tested internally.
* Players who experience negative effects should be able to adapt the camera control and switch off certain effects so that they can continue to use the system.

Player Housing is a huge undertaking

Housing is a huge project that would probably need several extensions to be realized at the level demanded and deserved by the players.
“It would cost you a slaughterhouse level” is somehow true ; The garrisons in Warlords of Draenor were limited to the versions for Allianz and Horde due to the time and resource effort for the creation of variants.
* You know that many players can get excited about it and that there is support for this within the development team, it is only a big project that is difficult to realize.

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