The Episode 1016 Preview of One Piece is already here

As many already know, the anime of _ One Piece _ had to be suspended in emissions, this for a hacking that was made to _ toei animation _ , a situation that caused enough leaks worldwide. However, the matter returned to normal and fans have been able to enjoy one of the best episodes ever made of the series, we talked about 1015.

In the last broadcast, a remembrance was made of everything the captain has done _ Luffy straw hat _ , and now the so -called “worse generation” of pirates will have to face neither more nor less than the emperors. This task will not be simple, because the opponents on duty are care rivals, it is the same _ Big mom _ and _ kaido _ .

One Piece Episode 1016 Preview

Here you can take an eye on the advance:

This new chapter of _ One Piece _ bears the name of _ The battle of the monsters! The three stubborn captains! _ , this will mean one of the largest fights we have ever seen throughout the manga and anime. Since we will see Luffy, Law and Kid to team up, to show emperors that they can master the new world without problem.

Since this part came in the form of a cartoon, many fans die to see her in action, and just this week everyone will witness such a unique confrontation. In turn, some wonder what kind of conflicts will be addressed once the current arch ends, that includes the imminent reunion between _ luffy _ and _ Shanks _ .

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