Dev Sisters Kim Sung -wook Director Dead Side Club

Dev Sisters’ first new ‘Dead Side Club’, which is introduced this year, has been quenching for launch.

Dead Side Club, which first appeared in Devsister’s online showcase ‘Devnau’ on the 14th, adopts the first -person shooting composition, which takes a large proportion in the existing Battle Royale game, and adopts the most classic view of side scroll. did.

It is not just a ‘shooting and well -matched’ AIM ability, but requires instantaneous judgment and high psychological warfare. In addition, the multi -action element that combines PVP and PVE has been pioneered to pioneer a new Battle Royale genre.

It perfectly captures the fun of Battle Royale, such as the high tension of one -on -one play and the fast and light tempo, and at the same time, it adds the depth of fun. Through the battle of side scrolling on a closed indoor battlefield, you can enjoy dynamic and immersive play by combining various strategies using various features and spatial structures.

The company successfully completed the global beta test from the 23rd to the 26th of last month, and started to increase the completeness based on feedback.

On the 3rd, Dev Sisters held a ‘Dead Side Club Media First Press Conference’ online. At the meeting, Kim Sung -wook, director of the game, attended and talked about the CBT results, feedback, and future blueprints.

Below is a question and answer.

Dead Side Club Kim Sung -wook Game Director

\ -The solo was felt because of the time limit, but the squad felt somewhat distracted. If you are preparing for improvements on the squad, what kind of change will you change?

I recognize the feedback of all of you who enjoyed the squad mode. The first part of the current test is the adjustment of the number of squads and the improvements that prevent the attacker attack between the team members.

** -I want to know if you are planning a separate mode that hunts a cooperative mode or zombie.

While playing CBT, I have gained a common opinion of many users and reviewed them positively. We are currently planning various things, such as the Horde Mode, which collaborates with the group of zombies.

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** -Are you envisioning a separate PVE reinforcement content (boss raid, cooperative dungeon, etc.)

It’s a part that is linked to the Horde Mode mentioned above, but I’m discussing how to expand the mode in various ways. PVE -related parts are discussed more in -depth and are positively reviewed.

\ -I wonder if there is a plan to launch a mobile crossplat form alone or mobile cross-platform.

There are no plans to launch on the PC and console, but there are many opinions from users that it would be good to come out on mobile during the first CBT opinion.

\ -It is the advantage that even people who are not good at Aim can easily adapt, but it may be a bit boring for FPS users. I wonder if you are preparing special content for these people.

The dead side club is also important, but it’s also important, but it’s a game that focuses on gravulling hooks, shields, instantaneous judgment and psychological warfare. I think it’s a game that can be enjoyed by hardcore users because it’s important to combine weapons, defense and surprise attacks. In addition, you can feel that it is a game that doesn’t just ask for a shooting.

\ -The intended system is that there is no way to escape the stiffness by the grappling hook?

Dead side clubs are trying to provide weapons as well as weapons that can be seen in shooting games, as well as weapons with special features such as grappling hooks and shields. In general, the grappling hook, which is used as a means of transportation, added a special feature that can stun the opponent, and intended to give more variables and fun to play. Currently, the time when the stiffness takes place when the graving hook is hit is still being balanced.

** \ -I think it will be a big burden to create a new IP in a situation where there is a large IP called Cookie Run.

I started with the idea of creating a completely new IP separately from Cookie Run IP. I think I started with a greater responsibility rather than a big burden. The perspective on art also started from that perspective and was created according to the atmosphere of the DCC. First of all, I started to make it with the fun and basic rules that the game could give rather than the game’s artwork.

So I completed it as soon as possible with a prototype, and I proceeded in the order of catching the overall artwork after some fun.

Considering the genre of the game and the genre of side views, I have a realistic graphic, but it’s a bit wrong, and it’s a funky charm. Dev Sisters is more important to provide users with new pleasures and the best service experiences, and the game called Dead Side Club is also part of this challenge.

– I think that side-scrolling action is easy to become a league of masters because of the low variable in the battle. Is there a countermeasure against this?

First of all, as I mentioned earlier, we are working on improvement to make more fun and variables. In addition, the internal play testing experience that is continuously opened can be seen that even a beginner gamer can grow and become strong enough with repetitive play.

For example, there is one person who has no game experience in the company, and now it is in the third place in the company. I think it’s a game system that can be easily adapted and grows quickly even for those who are so casual and casual in the game.

** -boss monster feels too powerful. In particular, if you make a boss monster by mistake in solo mode, you could almost die.

There are monsters that have not yet been released in addition to the monsters introduced in the CBT. In the beginning, we are thinking about the difficulty of monsters than the number of monsters. As it is a farming stage, it is being balanced to make it too easy or too difficult.

In the case of boss monsters on the current CBT, it is a very strong set of a strong weapon because it drops a very powerful weapon called heavy weapons. Currently, internally is in balancing.

\ -The first test through Steam. I’m planning to release it within the year, but I’m wondering if it’s a formal release or in the form of an early account.

Development progress is currently quite high. However, we will have a few more tests as if we had accommodated the feedback after listening to users’ opinions at this CBT. The development itself is quite progress, but I think it is the top priority to meet the eye level with users. I think the launching point of the launch is the summer this year. It seems to be changed depending on the situation.

\ -In the test, I felt that the proportion of North American marketing was higher than in Korea. I am curious about the service area that is holding the main target. And I hope you can tell you why you set the area as a major target.

It is scheduled to be released at the same time this year. Currently, certain areas are not the main target. However, many users from each country will localize in many ways so that they can enjoy the DCC.

-some special weapons are very efficient. Is there an improvement plan?

The weapon balance will continue to be improved until the launch. Each weapon uses a lot depending on the form of the map. So, rather than appearing on special and special weapons on all maps, we will balance them in various forms, such as appearing to fit the map structure.

\ -The container Bush where you can hide your character’s body?

Yes, what is intended is correct. This is the element prepared to make more fun and variables. The other side scroll games are centered on PVE, while Dead Side Club eventually leads to PVP battle. Users go beyond simply shooting actions that combine concealment, defense and surprise attacks. It is right to be set in the form of intention.

What feedback did you usually get in the 1st CBT?

We will improve the DCC hard on the precious feedback that I sent during this CBT. First of all, the most common opinion is that item farming, how to acquire, manipulation is frustrating, weapon balance is not correct. The map structure is simple. ” We will gather this opinion and plan to improve and modify them throughout the game environment.

-I wonder what classic game you have been inspired.

It is inspired by many games, including Treasure’s Gunstar Heroes, Sega’s Alien Soldier, and Data East’s Midnight Resistance. In addition, it was inspired by the recent “Hollo Light”. It’s a different view, but it’s also inspired by the FPS and TPS of many current generation, such as Quake and COD.

\ -What is the meaning of the game name?

It means a club that kills a dead-cide, a corpse (zombie). Since it is a side view -based game, it has a meaningful meaning that can mean both the side and the cide of the deadcide.

-If you are preparing a console version, I’m curious about which device you are preparing for (for example, PS, Xbox, Switch). And I’m curious about when the console version is expected.

The console version is also being developed. In the case of pad control, it is a part that continues the feeling of the arcade game, so it is being developed so that you can have more fun. It’s hard to tell you because it’s not confirmed yet. Launching is considering console and PC simultaneous launch.

\ -DAU told me that it was stable. Can you reveal specific numbers?

This CBT is a test aimed at technical inspections such as server stability and game optimization, and more detailed indicators will be able to share during the major global test.

\ -The game worldview and story look very deep. How will you solve this?

We plan to deliver details in various ways in the future. 4 cut comics and long -term serialization will be solved with cartoons.

\ -Please tell me how the non-holder mode started planning.

Nowadays, I think it’s an era where you can satisfy the user, which should be not only gameplay but also fun to see. That’s why I started development. As one user became a holder and other users became participants, the holder began to develop in consideration of the production of secondary content through him.

\ -The space is blocked everywhere, and because the enemy is visible right in the field of view, the characteristics of each weapon do not seem to be revealed.

Because the space is limited, I recognize that part. I’m trying to give a feature for each weapon. For example, in the case of a sniper weapon, it is currently being developed and tested by being able to see it farther.

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