Breath of the Wild 2: Synchronsprecher leakt Mega

Fans are still looking forward to new information about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2. The title should have been released for the Nintendo Switch this year, but the release was unfortunately postponed to the next year. The development of the sequel simply takes a little more time, as the producer Eiji Aounuma explained in a personal message to the fans.

After a new leak, which is currently circulating, it definitely makes sense that Breath of the Wild 2 needs a fairly long time to be completed. After all, with the new release period there are six years between Breath of the Wild and the upcoming successor.

In the scenes to the upcoming sequel, fans already got some changes to the design of Link. Among other things, he now has a cool cybernetic arm, which will probably bring some useful skills. The protagonist’s hairstyle has also changed, and Link proudly presents itself in Breath of the Wild 2 with a long mane.

Time travel in Breath of the Wild 2?

Daruk Voice Actor Leaks Breath of the Wild 2 Plot!

According to a new interview with Daruk’s Italian spokesman, the link with longer hair could be a version of the hero of 10,000 years ago. This would not be the first time that different times were used in a Zelda title. These include, for example, the extremely popular Ocarina of Time and of course also a link to the past. It would be extremely interesting here if we receive two versions of Hyrule in the successor, which we can explore with the different links. This would also explain why the sequel is not yet ready to be published this year. To put two versions of Hyrule into the new game should definitely need a lot of work.

Among other things, the interview was shared in the Resetera forum, but here fans are not convinced that the long-haired link is actually the past. Hairs could just grow on the left in the course of the game, and the comments of a voice actor are not enough for many to actually believe the leak. But what is your opinion about the whole?

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