The Metroidvania The Knight Witch announces a launch in 2022

Team 17 has announced that the shoot’em up with touches of Metroidvania The Knight Witch will reach PC and consoles this 2022. developed by the Spanish study Super Mega Team , the title has a Twist In the gameplay that comes from the hand of spells, 30 powerful very different attacks that we can launch through a deck of cards that we will grow during the game. This component of Deckbuilder will be decisive in our strategy and will allow us to customize our combat style.

The Knight Witch is starring Rayne, a witch who must explore the depths of the city of Dungeonides with the hope of ending the invasion of Golems. The more we advance and the more we help the inhabitants the more confidence and hope they will deposit in us, something fundamental to grow our magical powers and our strength.

Defined by its creators as a “Metroidvania without barriers”, The Knight Witch will incorporate different aid and accessibility options that range from the automatic pointed to “tricks” that alter the world and help us in navigation. Allowing us to face combat from both melee action and from distance thanks to magic, the title wants to be intuitive and fun for all players regardless of their experience with gender.

The Knight Witch | Announcement Trailer
The Knight Witch will arrive at Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S , Xbox One and PC in 2022.

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