The registered trademark of Square Enix points to the return of the popular horror series of PS1

A new registered trademark of Square Enix points to the return of a popular horror series of PS1. When PlayStation’s nostalgic players think of the PS1, they probably associate the console with some different genres, such as JRPG and Horror, two genres that many believe that they are surrendered in the modern era, at least compared to previous generations. As for this game, in particular, it falls in the last field.

More specifically, on April 20, Square Enix registered a brand in the United States for Effect fear, a series of horror and action adventures that debuted in 2000 through Kronos Digital Entertainment and Interactive Eidos and through a game of the same Name. After its launch, the game sold well and had good reviews. This led to _ Fear of fear 2: Retro Helix_, which, despite his name, was actually a prequel. He arrived a year later, also through PS1, and had an equally positive reception. The series was inactive until 2015, when Effect fear Sedna, a sequel, was launched through Sushee, Forever Entertainment and Square Enix. It is not clear how it was sold, but it was a great critical failure. At that time, many wondered if it would be the end of the series; However, a year later, a remake, Effect of reinvented fear, was announced by Forever Entertainment. Three years have passed since we received an appreciable update on the effect of reinvented fear, so it is not clear what its status is, but it is possible that this new brand indicates its existence.

For Square Enix to renew the registered trademark, he has to demonstrate that he is using it in some way. However, the guidelines for this are quite indulgent, so this renewal may not point towards the effect of reinvented fear or any other game, but that is the involvement.

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For now, take speculation here for what it is, which is speculation. The registered trademark is real and new, but it is difficult to know what is due and what should not be done with it.

At the time of publication, neither Square Enix nor Forever Entertainment nor any person involved has commented on the registered trademark nor the speculation he has created. If this changes, we will update the story accordingly.

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