All locations of Mokoko seeds on a distorted island in Lost Ark

The wet seeds are the most common object of collecting in the “Lost Ark”, but it is difficult to find them. Seeds resemble small fruits and have green. When the seeds are detected, wet glow. There are only three seeds of Mokoko, which must be sought and collected by distorted island in sea of proion . All Mokoko Seed locations are shown below.

Где найти все семена мококо на Искажённом острове в Море Проциона

Players cannot open a card on this island. To find each seed of Mokoko, follow the instructions and images below.

the first seed Mokoko

When you enter the island, you will see an inverted boat right next to your starting point. To find the first seed of Mokoko, look along the northern end of the inverted boat.

Second seed Mokoko

Go further north to get to the gate leading to the mansion. Mokoko’s seed will be below the bush to the right of the gate.

Third seed Mokoko

Distorted Island All Mokoko Seeds Lost Ark

This last seed of Mokoko can be found by walking along the eastern path to the entrance. The last seed of Mokoko can be found on trees and bushes in the eastern part of the region before you enter the mansion.

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