Starfield: A MMORPG project by Bethesda to expand the universe of the next Microsoft Hit and Xbox?

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To put their players wait before the release of a new opus of the Elder Scrolls, Microsoft and Bethesda licenses a lot about an unpublished intellectual property that is none other than Starfield. The next Hit, to appear on the Xbox and PC consoles, is expected a firm foot and the pressure is constantly rising as you get closer to the release date. The duet therefore counts a lot about this unprecedented universe and it intends to take advantage of it by developing an annex project, to believe an analyst who closely follows the news of the studio.


Starfield wakes up before E3

He alone, Starfield is a project that attracts all projectors to it. It must be said that the future exclusive of Microsoft is an event in itself, since it has the merit of putting the work of the Bethesda studio on the front of the stage, which inaugurates an unprecedented license, something it does not have has been doing for more than two decades. The calendar only displays seven months before the title release, and it lets it filter more and more information about it. Resolutely ambitious, the game of the teams of Bethesda, which are activated behind the scenes, is likely to make great noise if we rely on the director of design!

It’s not to say, such statements quickly packed the crowd, but the players expect concrete above all. Maybe they will satisfy during the period of the E3, even if the show itself will not open this year. Anyway, Starfield begins to get out of his sleep, testify to the video, with the Robot Vasco, published a few days ago . Official communication point today, but corridor noise relayed by a content creator who follows very close what Bethesda is preparing in the shadows.

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A mmorpg in space?

Everything started from a YouTube video posted by Skullzitv where he announced that he had a theory, not without any elements to support it, according to which Bethesda would work on another project in the Universe of Starfield . And, more precisely, to a game oriented MMORPG taking place Twenty years before the events that will take place in the next Solo game of Microsoft for the month of November.

According to him, the plot of this MMORPG could take place during the colonial war, an armed conflict where the United Colonies and Freestar opposed in countries that players will stroll during Starfield . To bring weight to its statements, Skullzitv mentions the fact that two branches of Bethesda are currently at work on secret projects . On the one hand, a Montreal team and, on the other, a team based in Austin who would hire individuals with a precise experience around “servers” and able to “create and improve systems for an unsinverted title”.

All this is, of course, to take with tweezers but it is not unlikely, especially since the branch behind Teso Online works in its corner, too, to an unprecedented intellectual property which, you ‘Guanned, would be a MMORPG. See you in a few weeks or months to see if Skullzitv has seen just or not!


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