Skyrim: Fan shows a surprising ending for assassins

The quest of the Dark Brotherhood in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the absolute highlights in the game. A fan is currently wanting to end the final mission when he gets competition unexpectedly.

Skyrim: Surprising ending for the quest of the Dark Brotherhood

In The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim you can become the leader of the thief guild or a werewolf of the companions. Perhaps it will also be about the magicians in the Winter Festival Academy. The most interesting quest series is probably that of the dark brotherhood **. The story sends you for dark deeds throughout the sky until you finally stand in front of the Emperor Titus Mede II.

The Reddit user Mattooine can then not complete this last order **. The assassin sneaks through the imperial ship, cracks the door with a Dietrich and finally stands behind Titus Mede II. Apparently there is still someone else who wants to see the emperor dead.

bugs in Skyrim provide funny moments

This really just ended LIKE THIS..
Shortly before he can strike, a roaring dragon appears, glitched through the ship’s wooden wall and hurls the emperor. The order is stated, albeit differently than intended. Maybe Alduin the world eater had also lost to the emperor .

The glitches and bugs in Skyrim have not yet been fixed by Bethesda more than 10 years after the release **. In this and in many other cases, however, you can also provide many funny moments that make the role -playing game so unforgettable. The community on Reddit also sees the new end of the quest as perfect. The post has already received more 7,700 upvotes there.

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