Billyviri, Eternal Tree Dictionary Reservation 25

Billy Billy will make a pre -booking of the Store of ‘Eternal Tree’, which is pre -booked from April 24.

Eternal Tree’s pre -booking will be held at the Google Play Store and App Store, the two major market stores, and any user of the two stores can participate.

Eternal Tree is a true Japanese fantasy genre RPG that goes beyond the meetings of the Sinui era and modern times, and has a vast worldview setting, and offers a more realistic and immersive experience with a new method of directing through dynamic CG.

Look Inside: Vine's Dictionary

Eternal Tree’s expectation is to experience high levels of strategic card turn -based battles through powerful voice lineups, various collection elements and fostering matches, jobs and former systems, specialized systems for new and machines, brilliant combat effects, and various challenge modes. It is a special strength to raise.

Billyville said, “We have started pre -booking Google Play and App Store,” he said. “Thank you for the interest of the users, and I would like to ask for a lot of expectations for the users until the official launch.”

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