【Breaking news】 Zeta Division, North America Optic Gaming Burns-“Valorant” World Tournament 3rd

“Valorant” International Convention “2022 Valorant Champions Tour Stage 1-Masters Reykjavík”. The Japanese national team “Zeta Division” defeated the world’s strong-lesions as the death rim and then won the Lower (Loser Block) semifinals. If you win this, you can meet the neighborhood of the ground final Gaming.

This battle held on Sunday, April 24 (3 Map Provision Up to 5 Maps), Optic Gaming wins in Map Score 0-3.

The 1st map “Haven” is successful in making the match point first, while the pistol round is firmly turned on, and it is defeated by the round-time end and 13-15. The following 2nd map “fracture” also loses 13-5 and defeated with a stunning setup using NEON. There is no later Zeta without removing the optic back through the entire 3rd map “bind”, and he defeated in 8-13 without getting the opportunity to handle the flow.

LAZ players said, “I felt a new wall” in the official delivery interview after the game. The jump of Zeta, which has closed in the third place of this tournament, will have a major impact on the future “Valorant” domestic competition scene.

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