Steelrising: postponed September 8, 2022, the Souls

Here is one who had been particularly discreet since his last appearance at the Game Awards in December. Action-RPG Developed by Spiders, Steelrising now has an exit date on September 8, 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

It is a little later that the initial goal that was to leave the game in June, but a viewing of this gameplay video offered by Game Inform suggests that it is probably for the best given the work of Optimization that still awaits Jehanne Rousseau’s studio, whose greedefall came out in September 2019.

Screenwriter on the game, Jehanne Rousseau delts his comments illuminated on this gameplay with Sébastien di Ruzza (Design Director) and Ciaran Cresswell (Location Manager). These few minutes allow you to observe to what extent the spider game is inspired by productions fromSoftware. The similarities in the interface are there, but it is mainly the statistical sheets that leave no doubt that the intentions of the studio.

On the structure, we do not go on an open world but many separate levels, the Paris map to jump into a vehicle to reach the different destinations of the game. In case of boss a little too painful, the player could thus ‘By exploring another place and come back stronger next. The map also shows that markers will be present to find it in the management of the main quests, schedules and important characters.

STEEL RISING - Pre Alpha Gameplay Reveal - New SOULS LIKE ADVENTURE RPG 2022

Finally, if it is probably not an easy game, Spiders would like to make Steelrising an entrance door accessible to this type of games for those who have never dared to start.

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