Skyrim: Special game version can be committed to you unscrewing crimes

Although Skyrim already appeared in 2011, players still discover new things today. So also in the generated VR mode. There you can even commit crimes without having to worry about your game.

Skyrim: Modder make much possible in VR mode

The VR mode in Skyrim is not only the original form of the game with a better view. Bethesda wants to redesign an “incomparable sense of scope, deep and immersion” and you should be able to “experience every imaginable way “. (Source: Steam)

However, this was still too boring for some players and so they have equipped the VR mode with additional functions **, which enable you to touch everything. It does not matter if it is the helmet of the guard or an apple – if you want, you can do NPCs, push or even beat up.

All this makes the mod called “Planck” (Physical Animation and Character Kinetics) by FlyingParticle. He has changed the physics engine of Skyrim VR to fundamentally change the reactions of characters. Cancel someone and throw it or miss a slap – everything is possible and that, without a guessing you want to take responsibility .

The Planck-Mod has much more to offer. If your animals loves and enjoy it in video games, stroking them , you are in the right place at the Mod in the right place. You can do a lot of Schabernback, but also do dogs and that makes Youtuber Cangar in his video.

How to Downgrade Skyrim SE to Fix SKSE64 & Mods (2021) - Skyrim AE Update 1.6

(Source: YouTube)

To Mod at Nexus Mods

The Elder Scrolls: 25 years – How did the series develop?

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim would not be the game it is today if the brand has not been a long journey behind. It all started in 1994 with the game The Elder Scrolls: Arena . Since then, a lot has happened, which is reflected above all in the graphic.

_How exactly the series has developed in the last quarter century? We show it you: _

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