Klopp pulls with Heynckes and Hitzfeld equal

In the end, the result of 3: 3 looks closer than the game was that the progress was in the second leg of the quarter-final in the premier class actually at no time dangerous. Nevertheless, unnecessarily dubious defender prevented a victory of the Reds, which Benfica came to the game again.

Trainer Klopp had a statement on the Dazn-Micro for a declaration in the Dazn-Micro: “We were through the 3: 1. We do not have to do so as if there was some of them believed that the whole story is scarce,” says the German, Who managed to enter the semifinals, which succeeded only Ottmar Hitzfeld and Jupp Heynckes as German coaches: For the fourth time, Klopp achieved the semi-final in the premier class, for the third time with the Reds. He always came to the final.

Abschied von Oliver Kahn und Ottmar Hitzfeld

“Everything negative today is my fault” – anticipation of the season end spurt

“Another other than cool,” if there was still no victory in Anfield, but he was the blame for him, but he saw himself: “Everything that happened to negative today is my fault and responsibility. I have seven times changed, “said the 54-year-old, who had a lot of role in the last and next days a lot and spared family forces due to the variety of important games.

Already next Saturday the opponent is called Manchester City as soon as the past weekend, this time in the FA Cup (16.30 clock), in which the Reds want to preserve the title chance and to move into the final. “That’s the best season’s spurt that you can have; We only play as often when we get so far in the competitions,” Smokes Klopp already on the next task.

“Who bays Bayern and Juve, who has to stand in the semi-finals”

And even in April, the LFC continues in the Champions League, in the semi-final, UNAI Emery waits with the FC Villarreal on Liverpool. Even if Klopp has not really busy with the coming opponent, he already stated: “Whoever leans Bayern and Juve, who has to stand in the semifinals”.

Understanding the yellow submarine by no means, after all, he knows about his counterpart: Emery was already able to win the Europa League four times as a coach and is well known at European level. Not for nothing, Klopp denphases the Spaniard as the “King of Cup Competitions”.

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