Greeting from the cemetery: This MMOS has survived Warhammer Online in the last 15+ years

For over 15 years we have already reported on Warhammer Online via MMO (RPG) S and one we have learned at this time: The start of an online role-playing game is a fundamentally different box than the publication of a single player title. The developers also provide numerous patches and DLCs for large solo titles such as The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 or Dragon Age Inquisition, but the motto is the motto for the responsible “Fire and Forget”, so fire and forget.

This is very different from the online games: Here it is not only on sales in the release weeks, but in the long life possible life. And not only in the classic and expensive to develop pay2play games, which often gets your money through sufficiently many and long subscriptions. This mantra is virtually surviving with free2play representatives, finally, which often pays off only after many months or even a few years, when enough players have spent enough money in the ingame shop.

Update from April 14 2022 : For the first time, this article has gone online in November 2016. Since some other online role-playing games have landed on the MMO cemetery in recent years, we have expanded the special content and formally adapted. Have fun browsing!

TOP or FLOP with announcement

Not all online games that appeared in the last decades are still running today. Some of them started only after the first edition of the Warhammer Online magazine in August 2007, others already existed. Some do not even survive their alpha-respectively beta test or they were already buried shortly after the launch. In some of them, we had doubted during the development time whether the project will ever be something – with the years you get as a player editor a good sense of whether a new Game has survival chances or not.

In many other online role-playing games, the opportunities on success, on the other hand, were good if the designers would still eliminate annoying construction sites such as balancing problems, unnecessary entry-level hours or technical inconsistencies before the release. Not infrequently, they were clearly recognizable in the beta test phase and have been shown both by the testers and the player designers. In many cases, however, the MMO train was already driven off and on the way with full steam in the direction of the terminus.

It goes on the MMO cemetery

Warhammer online in 2022 is still alive
The reasons for non-compliance with the warning signs are manifold and lie in almost all cases in secret. Finally, developers can only be seen in the tickets for failures. What the games have failed, that can be practically always say exactly – what we will do below. On the upcoming pages we look back on loads of MMO (RPG) S, which Warhammer Online has accompanied over the past 15+ years and that now no longer exist.

Underneath there are nishigic games like the GTA online clone APB: All Points Bulletin or the lesser famous Moba Battleforge of Electronic Arts, but also great names such as Warhammer Online, Matrix Online and Star Wars: Galaxies. That developer legends sometimes can fail, Richard Garriott Alias “Lord British” proved “Lord British” with his ambitious MMO project Tabula Rasa and Quartet Bill Roper, David Brevik, Kenneth Williams and Erich Schaefer with Hellgate: London. We wish you a lot of fun with our tour about the cemetery of online games.


The free2play MMO from GameForge liked us in the test mainly thanks to the pretty graphics and the motivating craft quite well. For this purpose, the flexible class system in which we were allowed to mix several archetypes together, as well as the action-packed combat system, which in no sense of Tera. Despite the benefits Raiderz in Europe could not lure enough players to the servers, in July 2013, GameForge announced to take the title on 30 August offline. “Unfortunately, the success of Raiderz did not meet our expectations,” the publisher later gave to protocol.

Raiderz: If the servers suddenly go offline and no one knows why. Source: Maiet Entertainment Significantly curious ran the shutdown in North America. According to server problems, Perfect World manufacturers contacted the developers of Raiderz – just to determine that Maiet is no longer operational. HUCH! Der Kommentar von Perfect World: “Da es keinen aktiven Entwickler mehr gibt, ist es auch sehr schwierig, Probleme mit den Servern von RaiderZ aus der Welt zu schaffen. Es ist uns unmöglich, euch eine qualitativ wertvolle Erfahrung zu bieten, deswegen haben wir die Entscheidung getroffen, die Server von Raiderz zu schließen.” Am 7. August 2015 wurden die Realms heruntergefahren.

The Matrix Online

Warner pulled the matrix the plug, so completely undeserved was not. Source: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Actually, an online role-playing game to the Filmhit The Matrix would have to be a self-runer: The player dives with his avatar in… just the matrix and behaves like a superhero as he fights nasty Ki agents and fight Try to avoid npcs controlled by the matrix. Nevertheless, The Matrix is one of the flops of the genre online and is viewed by many a fan even as a larger low point than the two cinema continuations. Although the graphic was neat, through the realistic look, the optics aged too fast.

Here MMOS with comic design – as WOW – have a great strategic advantage. On the other hand, the combat system of The Matrix Online was criticized from the beginning, and there were more bugs as content, moderate improvements the MMORPG of Monolith learned a few time after the release. But it was already too late. The server populations were constantly taking off, so that unconfirmed sources even finally spoke of only up to 500 active players. 2009, four years after the start, Warner then pulled the matrix the plug. In principle a suitable end, after all, Neo had the goal.

Warhammer Online

“TOO BIG TO FAIL?” That had thought of many about Warhammer. After all, not only the MMO-experienced game scheme was mythic entertainment (Dark Age of Camelot), but also Electronic Arts and of course Games Workshop behind it. Development began promising: First article found in 2007 in the Warhammer Online magazine and the promised features were ultraspanning: large-scale PVP with hundreds of players across all levels. Surgery of fortresses and capitals, capturing the enemy leader and the woods of knowledge, which should register all the player’s needs.
Warhammer Online: One of the biggest MMO hopes and a supposed wow killer who failed early. Source: Mythic Entertainment Technical Funs such as a collision query of player characters that should enable a tactical position game. In the end, the PVP endgame was technically and in content immature as well as repetitive. The launch of the second WOW extension Wrath of the Lich King Only a few weeks later, Warhammer online gave birth to early death, even though she should last for years. In 2013, Electronic Arts switched off the servers.

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