This was the princess Peach in his first official designs

During the days of NES , the 8-bit graphics of the console allowed many artists to have a wide space of interpretation. Throughout the decade of the 80s, many of them established their own designs with characters of Nintendo , this before the Japanese company established its own official designs. One of them recently began to circulate on the Internet, and shows us a princess Peach extremely different than we know today.

Gaku Miyao , Japanese artist, revealed a curious illustration of the princess Peach in a few slippers for girls who reveal a totally different design to the current one:

As you can see, characters like Mario, Toad and even Bowser have very similar designs to those we see today, but that of peach is something totally different. Obviously, Miyao created this illustration before Nintendo established its own official designs for its characters, so the artist did not have many things in which to be inspired.

On related topics, he remembers that Peach will also have its own set of figures Lego and here you can take a detailed look as well as their prices.

Why doesn't Peach's voice sound like it used to?

Editor’s note: It is always interesting to know how these initial designs wore, especially from a company with so much history as Nintendo. Surely Mario himself also had a wide range of first-sighted illustrations, and hopefully, one day we will have a look at them and who knows, perhaps of the other characters as well.

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