Bastian OCCIPKA cracks at Union the 300 Bundesliga Games

The Routinian was replaced on Saturday night in the Berlin Olympiastadion in the 72nd minute for Niko Gießelmann, so experienced the third victory in the third main city duel of the season for the Iron on the lawn. In addition to Derby Triple (2: 0 and 4: 1 in the League, 3: 2 in the Cup Octagonal Final) OCCIPKA could also be pleased about a personal anniversary: his 300th Bundesliga game. That went on Saturday “really a bit under”, as Union Manager Oliver Ruhnert says.

In front of a local backdrop in the old forester, probably before the home game against ex-club Eintracht Frankfurt (Easter Sunday, 5.30 pm, live! At Schalke), OCCIPKA should be honored. “Of course, he gets something to the 300th Bundesliga game. That’s a great performance,” says Ruhnert and praises the left-back: “Basti makes a great idea of the first day. We are great that he has made this performance again. We had brought him as a backup, that was so clearly communicated with him. That it has become more in the season, especially at him. “

Schalke time hung OCCIPKA still

The development at OCCIPKA is indeed considerable. After the descent with FC Schalke 04 in the spring of 2021, the 33-year-old had thought about the end of his career. He had fallen into a “hole” at that time, had a “mentally difficult phase”, he told a few weeks ago. “I can not shake something up so easily. If you are right in the matter, it hurts what’s going on,” says OCCIPKA about the final phase in Gelsenkirchen.

Bastian Oczipka (# 6) came in August 2010 against Freiburg to his Bundesligadbüt – at that time with FC St. Pauli. imago sports photo service

In the summer he was unemployed, held privately fit. Then Union reported. Ruhnert, who used to work as a scout and coach (second team) as well as as a director of the Knappschwiede on Schalke and is still a member of the scarce today, confirmed that OCCIPKA “in the beginning is clearly noted” how much the crash with Schalke employed “that the year had gained strongly to him”. In addition, OCCIPKA lives with his family in Dusseldorf. As Union OCCIPKA contacted, Ruhnert reported, “he already considered whether he wants to give himself again, away from the family and to Berlin”.

“absolute profit for us”

Did he want to. At the end of August 2021 OCCIPKA Union joined. There, the Routinian once again “a lot watched, looked, as that runs with us,” so ruhnert. After a while, also due to the fact that OCCIPKA had not prepared for preparation, he then realized that in Köpenick “is different, it’s fun, it’s very good,” says Ruhnert, the OCCIPKA as “absolute gain for us referred to by the beginning.

First, only the third left-back behind Niko Gießelmann and the Polish summer newcomer Tymoteusz Puchacz, OCCIPKA now comes to 14 missions in the Bundesliga and two in the cup for the Iron. That he completed 300 lots in the Oberhaus – for Union, Schalke, Frankfurt, Leverkusen and St. Pauli – he would not have imagined. “So long in such a shark basin is already difficult today,” he said recently. How many are still coming, is open. In summer his contract runs out. That he is one year thiants, is not excluded. “How it goes on, you have to wait,” says Ruhnert.

A whereabouts of OCCIPKA at Union also hangs together with the future of Puchacz. The Polish international has been awarded for January to the designated Turkish master Trabzonspor to gather game practice there. In the summer he returns to Berlin. At least that’s the plan. “I have not received any other signal so far,” says Ruhnert.

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