HALO: The Master Chief Collection gets a massive update that adds a new game mode

343 Industries today launched a new substantial patch for Halo: the collection of the master chief. While many halo fans could currently be more focused on Halo infinito or television program Paramount + ongoing, 343 has continued to contribute more improvements to the collection of the master chief_, even though the season content of the game ended last year. As of today, the new additions to the game have included a new game mode and additional cross-game features.

Halo MCC Just Got A Huge New Update! (Flood Firefight, New Skulls & More)
After a provocation a few days ago, Halo: the collection of the master chief now has added Floodfight to the Halo 3: Odst game section. Floodfight is a variant of odst mode of shooting game in which the players fight against the Flood, which is the kind of enemy that appeared for the first time in commate evolved. To go along with Floodfight that now adds to The collection of the master chief 343 has also made a series of additional improvements in the game mode to do it much better in a general sense.

While this update for Halo: the master chief collection ago, the other great addition is that of the cross game for _AUREOLA 3 and HALO 3: ODST. This means that Xbox and PC players can now play both campaigns with each other, which is something that fanatics have been requesting for a long time. 343 Points out that all errors with cross-game in aureola 3 and odst However, it is still not crushed, which means there could be some persistent problems.

If you want to download this new patch for _Halo: the master chief collection for you, now it is available to download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC platforms. And if you are interested in seeing everything else that includes this update, you can read the full publication of the blog that details the patch. right here.

Are you happy to see that? Halo: The collection of the master chief Will it remain compatible with new updates like this in the future? And what do you think specifically about today’s new patch? Let me know in the comments or contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

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