NBA News: Brooklyn Nets optimistic about Ben Simmons in the playoffs

The Brooklyn Nets apparently make hopes that Ben Simmons could celebrate his comeback in the first playoff round. Reporting several media.

On Sunday, Shams Charania (the athletic) wrote on Twitter, with the Nets else optimism that Simmons could be used in the first playoff round after his back injury. Similarly announced Adrian Wojnarowski (espn).

The 25-year-old, who has not completed a game for his new team since his trade from Philadelphia 76ers to the Nets in February due to back problems, has made progress in recent days. Meanwhile, he started throwing again and generally intensified his workouts.

Should not he suffer any further setback, a comeback in the course of the first playoff round realistic. According to WoJ, however, the first two games of a potential round-round series of Nets would come too early, then Simmons’ operating times could limit themselves to 10 to 15 minutes per game for the time being.

“He moves a bit more, but still plays 1-counter-0,” said Head Coach Steve Nash on Sunday before the 134: 126 victory against Indiana addressed to the stand near Simmons. “He still has to reach some milestones, but the development is positive.”

However, the Nets have to qualify for the playoffs. The Star Troop around Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving must first survive the play-in tournament, in the night on Wednesday, Brooklyn meets the Cleveland Cavaliers (1 o’clock). If the Nets win the game, then go to the playoffs as 7-seed. If you lose, you must fight in another duel against the winner of the game Hawks vs. Hornets around the last playoff ticket.

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After the play-in games from the 12th to the 15th of April, the playoffs will start next weekend (16 April).

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