Cyberpunk 2077: Man works on extensions, insured CD project red

Many cyberpunk 2077 fans wonder when there are news on the first extensions of Cybepunk 2077. And as it looks, it will probably still need its time and Cyberpunk 2077 players need to continue to practice patience.

After all, Pawel Sasko once more insured that you continue to work on cyberpunk 2077 extensions and this work has not been set.

“I can not tell you anything about our future plans, but I can assure you that we work on extensions,” says Quest Director Pawel Sasko.

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“We are still going to improve the game, because we are all aware that there is still a lot to do,” he added. “We are very glad that the version 1.5 has fallen to you, and that gives us even more incentive to work for you because you show us your appreciation.”

“That’s all I can tell you. We work on things for you. I literally check daily quests, talk to people about things, so it happens. “

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