Cities for stacking: Construction fans should this steam

The world of urban areas gets an interesting newcomer. Friends of starting playing should definitely take a look at the upcoming Complex Sky. The special thing about it is, you build your building instead of further area, just in height or depth.

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You have cities: skylines already turned up and played down and necessarily needs fresh wind? Then with Complex Sky, an interesting wallpaper change could wait for you. The Steam game is typical build-up strategy , which, however, goes high for variety – or deeply down.

Because you do not build your futuristic city as usual on solid ground, but high up in the sky . The world among you the environmental pollution has fallen victim and therefore no longer habitable.

Your task is the construction of a functional city, which should attract a lot of settlers. Check out the trailer to the game once here:

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What do you still have to know about Complex Sky?

When Complex Sky appears is not quite clear. As soon as the starting signal falls, the strategy game will first appear in a Early-Access version .

In addition to the special formations that you can build in your city, you have to collect resources and keep production chains running ** to build a flourishing, self-supplied metropolis.

In addition, you must pay attention to the needs of your residents , which, for example, consist of scientists and workers to unlock new plans and technologies.

Of course, Complex Sky will offer different game modes . On the one hand there is a story-based challenge mode, on the other hand, you can let off steam in a free sandbox. Also individually adjustable difficulty levels are from the game.

Who can not expect the release of Complex Sky now, can download an alpha version of the game on Otherwise, you can easily have the game on your Steam Wishlist and will be informed as soon as the Early-Access phase starts.

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