The Elder Scrolls: You can travel to Morrowind for free now

Skyrim likes to be the most famous offshoot of The Elder Scrolls series, but the most popular with the fans is probably Morrowind. It is all the more cooler that you can travel in Elder Scrolls online for free to Morrowind for free – or on the island of Vvardenkell, which makes up the most of the province. The DLC should appear automatically, if you are logging in the next time – if not, you can get him for free in the Kronen Store.

As Zenimax announces online in a blog post, the action should persist until further notice. You do not have to rush to get the DLC. With this is the Vvardenfell-Questline, but not the guard class, which bears can fight at your side:

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FREE MORROWIND-DLC should prepare for high isle

This awaits you in Morrowind: As soon as your Morrowind is caught, you will know why the province is still the most popular destination in Tamriel. In the home of dark elves, toxic swamps, exotic buildings and the most absurd living beings await you. The setting is clearly different from the rather traditional medieval environments of Skyrim or Cyrodiil. The Morrowind-DLC originally appear in 2017 for Elder Scrolls online.

High Isle appears in the summer: With the free DLC you also get access to the prologue of High Isle, the next major extension. The chapter will take you to Hochfels in the northwest of Tamriel. Here is the home of the Bretons, which attach great importance to knight’s and nobility.

Zenimax Online promises about 30 hours gameplay, which you can spend with new quests, dungeons, companions, world events and a new exam. Another innovation is the collecting card game “Glue Stories”.

Morrowind Chapter (DLC) Is Finally Free - Summerset Next? | The Elder Scrolls Online
In the trailer you can see how Morrowind looks like in ESO:

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A new DLC for ESO is already available

Again this year, Elder Scrolls gets a new Strory-Arc online again. The “legacy of the Bretons” is a year-round adventure told about several DLCs and in-game events. The first smaller extension is available with “Ascending Tides” for several days and brings some fresh dungeons and quests. But of course, the highlight is the new chapter High Isle, which will appear on 21 June.

Are you pulling it to Morrowind now?

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