Youtubes CEO knew that the removal of dislikes is controversial

Youtubes CEO Susan Wojcicki sat in podcast with Youtuber Ludwig and talked about some of the decisions that the platform has taken lately – for example, removing the Dislike counter. In November 2021, YouTube has abolished the optical representation of numbers next to the Dislike button for all videos on its platform .

YouTube CEO removes dislikes for social credit

The site claimed that she has made this adaptation to reduce targeted “dislike attacks” and their impact on the content creator and said that she wanted to “create an inclusive and respectful environment in which the authors have the opportunity to succeed to be and to feel sure to express yourself “.

Removing dislikes to today a topic

Just under half a year later, members of the YouTube community are still complaining that the Dislike counter has been removed. It is believed that the ads for negative evaluations was only removed to let commercials such as the Coca-Cola with Like-Dislike ratios of 1: 10 or the YouTube-rewinds do not worry badly Partly as the videos with most dislikes count.

The Youtube Rewind from 2018 was back to the video with most dislikes of the platform . Today it has over three million Likes and the extent of aversion to this video is barely visible. Users also complain that due to the missing dislike counter, they can no longer estimate whether a video (for example with guides) is qualitatively good or not.

Each change is well considered

Despite the violent counter-reactions, the change will be maintained. “We knew that the controversial would be” , CEO Susan Wojcicki gave in the podcast of Content Creator Ludwig. “We have to do that what is the right thing for the entire ecosystem of the platform”.

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Wojcicki continued to explain that the operators of the platform perform a number of experiments by majority before they ultimately decided to make changes. She claimed that YouTube had to remove the dislikes to support the many smaller content creators. “I understand that there were people – many people, and yes, we have heard loud and clear why people were dissatisfied with this decision,” she continued.

Protection of new users more important

“But then we have also seen what impact this has on many new Content Creator, and that’s bad. We need to support smaller users and their growth and continue to do so. This is important for the long-term health of our ecosystem ” A Toggle system \ – the decision to select the Dislike counter optionally or off – is not suitable for you . According to her, that would make the platform too complicated, one should later introduce even more Toggle opportunities.

“In such decisions, we know that it will be difficult, but we stand by. Wojcicki also said that they often read tweets and comments on YouTube from the community. She says that she seeks public feedback in the social media, To determine if there is something we have not thought yet. How do you mean by removing the Dislike counter on YouTube?

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