The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind

Good news for fans of The Elder Scrolls online. As Bethesda is known, the Morrowind-DLC is now available and for the foreseeable time for all players of the online role-playing game free of charge.

Bethesda announces: “From now on and in the foreseeable future, your ESO account has access to the Morrowind-DLC as soon as you log in to the game. If your account does not seem to have access to the DLC, you can pick it up for free in the DLC area of the Crown Store in the game. “

The extension kidnaps players to the legendary island of Vvardenkell, where a more than 30-hour adventure and epic history, new tests for up to twelve people and more awaiting them.

Morrowind Fan Tries The Elder Scrolls Online

“This change gives you permanent access to the Vvardenkell zone and history, including access to the inspection of the halls of production and the upcoming prologue quest for high isle (in the future more). Remember that you do not have access to the Guardian class. “

“Explores the multi-storey cantons of Vivec City, the fungal towers of Sadrith Mora and the dangerous Ashlands, while you dip with the Morrowind DLC, which is now for all ESO players for free, in the strange and wonderful home of dark elves – we see us in Seyda Neen! “

The free publication of the Morrowind-DLC serves as a kind of preparation for the start of the high ISLE extension, which should take place on 21 June. The prologue of the upcoming extension should be available soon.

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