The Elder Scrolls Online Give all players the expansion of Morrowind

Bethesda from this moment the expansion of Morrowind in The Elder Scrolls Online of Fullly free way . Whether you are a newcomer or have pDLC Morrowindsed through the first adventures of Tamriel, now you can add all the content of one of the most beloved regions by the followers.

TES ONLINE MORROWIND | Capitulo 1 | Nueva Expansión y nueva clase el WARDEN!

You will receive access to the expansion DLC Morrowind soon DLC Morrowind you log in to your profile of The Elder Scrolls online . In cDLC Morrowinde your profile hDLC Morrowind not yet received it, you can redeem your entry from the downloadable content section of the game crown store.

Morrowind, free for all the players of The Elder Scrolls Online

“Now that the prologue of High Isle is about to arrive, we wanted to make sure that all players had the opportunity to enjoy this first step towards the next chapter, so we have decided to offer the DLC Morrowind for free for everything The world, “recognizes the company at an entrance on the official website of the game.

In this way you will be able to access the entire area and the history of Vvardenfell, including Seyda Neen and the multilevel districts of Vivec . Of course, this free access will not give you the possibility of becoming the guardian clDLC Morrowinds. From Zenimax Online take the opportunity to point out that the chain of introduction to High Isle introduction will arrive in future updates.

In Meristation we said that the expansion wDLC Morrowind “a constant tribute to the original work” . “700 years of difference between one and another are nothing, and from the point of view of the background it is interesting to know how the island wore before later events. With this expansion special emphDLC Morrowindis hDLC Morrowind been made on those players who enjoy the solo title. Treatment to the main adventure is such that it could almost happen by a complementary work of the series “. You can read the conclusions on this link.

Remember that The Elder Scrolls Online is available at PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC.

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