How to raise drawing skill in Roblox Welcome to Blocksburg

Increase its skills in “Welcome to Blocksburg” relatively easy. All you need to do is find items related to the skill and use them to get talent. There are so many different skills that you can purchase, including drawing. This is how you can increase the level of your drawing skill.

Get a drawing stand

The first thing you need is Stand for drawing . If you click on home icon in the lower right corner of the screen and open Construction mode Menu, you can go to decorate page. The easiest way to find a drawing stand is Press all as well as Search “Paint” or “Stand for drawing”. It will appear to buy it for $ 650, and you can place it in your home.

Click on drawing stand

After it is placed in your home, you can use a drawing stand. Pressing it or by clicking E to cooperate and clicking Paint . Your character must initiate a canvas drawing action. You can also change the image on the canvas on the designs you download or free from the gallery.

Increase your skills

You can wait until your character color canvas and their mastery steadily grows . You can follow the progress by opening the profile tab in the lower right corner and turning on the “Skills” menu.

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Raise your drawing skill

When the skill beats 100% progress This screen will congratulate you out with level elevated . As you raise your drawing skill, specific objects also become available for accommodation in your home. You are on the path to becoming a professional artist!

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