Teso celebrates the 8th birthday! Esst cake and earns unique rewards

Whole eight years, the Elder Scrolls online attracted the first brave adventurers to Tamriel in 2014. With every other year, the number of players and the development team of Zenimax grew back to an eventful past with pride. To celebrate the eighth birthday, Teso’s team invites players to a solemn event where you can look forward to extra experience, mountains of events and even more rewards.

Handle a piece of cake and celebrate with

The game anniversary event starts on April 7 and then runs until 19 April 2022. Once the celebration has begun, you can pick up your free value mark for a jubilee cake over the crown shop (in the section “Quests”) and to you Open the famous pastry donolon. Closes the quest and you will receive the delicious jubilee cake of this year, which you can summon the section “Tools” of your collection. If you eat a piece of the cake during the game anniversary, you will receive 100 percent extra experience for two hours.
Look forward to lots of jubilee rewards. Source: Zenimax

Get birthday rewards

Every time you conclude one of the many daily quests in Teso during the event period, you will receive a special gift box for game anniversary as an additional reward. These daily quest includes:

  • Daily craftsmanship
  • Daily quests for vaults and leader in the open world
  • Daily quests for alliance war and battlefields
  • Daily quests for night and exams
  • Daily quests for predators and sacraments

In the gift boxes you can find the following contents with a little luck:

  • Simple craft materials
  • Rare craftsmanship, craftsmanship chapters, setup plans, styles or mounting pages.
  • Transmutation crystals

ESO Event - Turns 8 Years Old Celebrate With New Rewards // Double Xp // and Extremely Rare Motifs
* Desecrated Graberde
* (new) fragment for the Aurora fireplace spider
* (new) Montourstil Site for the Saber Talk Armor Style
* Have you already received a saber-keel style side in one day, you will be a fragment for the Aurora fireplace spider instead.

Event notes and the Impressaria

The auriielian halfgreipe as a riding. Source: Zenimax In addition to the additional experience through the anniversary cake, you also receive three event certificates with the first cake of the day. Overall, you can secure up to 19 event certificates until every end. But do not forget: You can only have up to twelve event certificates at the same time. If you receive more than you can wear, they are lost!

If you have secured a decent number of events (and thus more cake is plastered as well for you), you can make a small journey to the Impresaria company and exchange them with it against exciting treasures:

  • Fragments for the soulfire dragonillusion as a companion
    • Soft hourglass basin
    • Illuminated dragon writing
    • Kvatch frankincense

  • Fragments for the aurielic semi-gripping as a riding

    • Auriielian gripping spring
    • Gilded grasping Harning
  • (new) bonded mounting pages for the saber-based armor style

  • Juubile cake as furnishings
  • Instructions for the Aurora Fireplate Spider

    • Use to combine front legs, hind legs and fire pot of the Aurora fireplace spider and unlock the companion!
  • Bag of past anniversaries

    • The potential content includes:
    • Handicrafts of the worm cult
    • Montage pages of the JePhre Paladin
    • Montage pages of the weapons of the imperial champion
    • Montage pages of the armor of the five companions
      • Prophet
      • Lyris
      • Sai Sahan
      • Abnur Tharn
  • Group repair material

When the event is over, the instructions for the Aurora Fireplate will be available for all eternity at the Impresaria, Philius Dormier assistant, at the same price. In this way, if you later, you can collect enough tradable fragments for the rest of the spider, you can assemble you with the help of leftover or in the future.

(Source: Teso)

ATTENTION: This event is your first opportunity to gain the fragments for the auriely semi-grip! Collects all three fragments (the last fragment will receive you at a coming event in the second quarter) and you can turn your soulfire dragonillusion into this fearless new riding.

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