PlayStation 5: Langery feature could still come

According to GamesBeat author Jeff Grub works Sony on a PS3 emulator for the PlayStation 5. Thus, the console could get a feature that the PS4 was always denied and that fans wish for a long time. A first step in this direction is the new “PlayStation Plus” model that Sony has recently revealed.

Sony works on a PS3 emulator?

Next summer, Sony United Sony PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now. The new, three-stage subscription model offers on the highest level, called Playstation Plus Premium , also the possibility of old classics from the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP era on the PlayStation 5 to play.


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While PS1, PS2 and PSP games easily download on Sony’s latest console, PS3 games must be streamed without exception . This is mainly due to the complicated architecture of the PlayStation 3.

However, Sony works well on a corresponding emulator . At least the GamesBeat author says Jeff Grub in a YouTube video. But until this emulator is used, it will probably take a while for a while.

Soon the PS3 celebrates a virtual comeback?

The PlayStation 3 was published in 2006 in Japan and was the starting point for many popular Playstation Games , including the Uncharted series, the Infamous games or the “LittleBigPlanet” parts. With the new “PlayStation Plus” model, players can soon catch up or experience many classics from this time.

This is especially true for games that are more or less forgotten after the PS3 era, ie, for example, Heavenly Sword or the Resistance Series.


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Daniel Boldt

However, since the statements of Grub are based only on hearing lags, the official development of a PS3 emulator is for the time being only a rumor . Thus, only users benefit with a stable and sufficiently fast internet connection from the possibility of “PlayStation 3” games via PlayStation Plus Premium.

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