LOL: Yasuo and Yone will receive improvements on the 12.7 patch with the aim of changing the metajame

As it happens every week, the League of Legends players receive the first news about the changes that will arrive at the next patch, this time 12.7 . This season 12 is having different changes and balances to many enormously strong champions that have appeared throughout this season such as Zeri and Renata. Well, this same patch returns to returned to the ray of Zaun once again although the most outstanding changes will be the improvements that you will receive Yone and Yasuo from nowhere.

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The brothers of Jonia will receive improvements to burst the crack

Changes to champions

  • Improvements: Gwen, Pantheon, Yasuo, Yone, Wukong, Neeko, Gangplank, Kalista, Lillia and Karthus
  • Nerfs: Zeri, Ryze, Lee Sin and Jayce
  • Settings: RENGAR

Changes to objects

  • Improvements: Sombory Guja and Abyssal Mask
  • Nerfs: Winter Arrival, Lunar Stone Renewal, Hurricane Wind

Although we still do not know which magnitude the changes will be, it is true that a small improvement in almost any statistics of Yasuo or Yone are able to increase their Winrate * effervescently. On the other hand, * Zeri will receive another nerfeo more _ that he will point out on his list of equilibria along with other champions who needed to be less frequent in the_ Picks, * Since Lee Sin and Jayce were dominant in their lanes while Ryze peeled The head more and more.

Improvements are pretty good exception to the two mentioned, since Neeko or Kalista were very recurring until a time ago, which they received nerfs that destroy them both in Soloq and competitive. Also highlight the appearance of Lillia , a character who entered everything high to the game but that since the beginning of 2021 it is not at the best time.

Speaking of the objects , improvements to lethality and tank objects will cause the toplane to receive tanks more and more as sion, ornn or even Dr. World . On the other hand, the hurricane wind has received changes to stop being so strong, since the shooters were too free with this dash and Tryndamere was wreaking havoc in the upper lane with this object.

It will be necessary to see how the patch affects the next international event as the MSI, since the main intention of Riot according to Tim is Quickly change the metaGame through a crazy but cash patch . Thus, tanks, fighters and swords will return to the competitive scene over high; It will only be known how this will affect the only / duo qualifiers and if it will be worthwhile to continue spending our time Spameando A specific champion.

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