The rest of Tales of Arise is not in the plans of Bandai Namco, despite the success of sales

The producer of Tales of Arise, Yusuke Tomizawa, told Edge Magazine (Via GamesRadar) that a follow-up to the popular action RPG last year was just not on the cards. If we remember, Bandai Namco published a similar return before the launch of Arise, saying that the game has been designed to be a satisfactory and autonomous story. But given the success of the title – it immediately became the best-selling component in the history of Tales – the potential plans for a suite were probably re-evaluated at some point.

Once again, it does not happen. Instead of creating a suite, Tomizawa wants the team to offer “a peak flagship title that relies on the success of Arise, while offering the opportunity to rediscover the history of the series.” Given the rating that we give to Arise, we look forward to seeing the sequel for the property.

The direct suites of the Games Tales have been rare, but they exist. For example, Tales of Xillia brought Tales of Xillia 2 on the PlayStation 3, and the Beloved Tales of Symphonia got the Tales of Symphonia divider: Dawn of the New World. It should also be mentioned to mention Tales of Zestiria, which has obtained a kind of prequel in Tales of Berseria.

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Have you a follow-up in Tales of Arise, or do you prefer that the development team goes on to something new? Break your mask in the comments section below.

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