Kirby and the forgotten country: List of all Everbay

The popular pink puffball has the transition to 3D completed Kirby and the forgotten land too big critical lob. Changing the formula has proven to be a smart move, as they are able to conquer levels in a whole new way and to explore the world as Kirby in a way that they could never before. You will also be granted the ability to take it with others missions in the world instead of being a completely linear experience.

But if you come to the land of Everbay coast , you may need a clarification of what you need to do. Here we come into the game, as we get in detail in detail on the missions and take in what you may need to do to handle them all. Let us all hover down and see what awaits you!

Kirby and the forgotten country – mission list on the coast of Everbay

If you are through the beautiful shores of the EverBay coast you will encounter different missions that you need to complete what gives you the opportunity to explore the level even more than before, as some could be a bit tricky!

There are five different missions that you can fulfill in this part of the world, each with your own requirements to pass them.

Abandoned beach

  • Save the three hidden waddle dees
  • Knacle 3 knock-knocking nuts
  • Destroy the animal sand sculpture
  • Complete the shield on the roof
  • Clean up the stage

Concrete islands

  • Save the four hidden waddle dees
  • Welcome three seabirds
  • Landing on the treasure island
  • Grave a maximum tomato

Climb the cement peak

  • Save the four hidden waddle dees
  • Remove 3 committee in the area
  • Avoid the spines in secret space
  • Friere Fleurina with an ice capability
  • Clean up the stage

Fast-flowing waterworks

  • Save the five hidden waddle dees
  • ISS 3 doses fish
  • Win the fight without falling into the water
  • Find the golden fish
  • Clean up the stage

The tropical terror

  • Destroy the roots of the tropical forest

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Concrete Isles - 100% Guide ???? All Collectibles & Missions
* Complete the stage without using a copying capability
* Delete within 2:00
* Clear without taking damage
* Clean up the stage

Since kirby games are usually simple affairs, one might think that the final mission list would be easy to fulfill, but thanks to the introduction of difficulty modes you may find that you have a slightly bigger challenge on the last list, so Make sure you are ready to digest Tropical Forest before you try it. Luckily, you can also repeat the level at all times to try again if you are not happy to miss one of these missions.

Kirby and the forgotten land is now available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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