The Secret Of Monkey Island: Does Ron Gilbert work on a new part?

Actually, one could assume that Ron Gilbert has fired a pretty nasty April fear in his blog post on 1 April 2022.
In fact!
For in the postin itself, Ron Gilbert writes that since the start of the website has not been published in 2004 a single aprilizer and would like to use the chance to make known that a new Monkey Island game is in making.

“April Fools 2022”

“Apr 01, 2022”

“For 18 years, the Grumpy Gamer Blog is free on April Foot Day because it is a stupid tradition.”

“So to bring a little change into the matter, I use this opportunity to announce that I have decided to make another Monkey Island.”

The Secrets of Monkey Island - An Evening With Ron Gilbert
Bad joke or the announcement of the year 2022 – what do you mean?

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