Sebastian Kehl talks about BVB

In the coming summer, Sebastian Kehl will take over the BVB Sport Director Office of Michael Zorc. In the interview with the sweutscheutsche Zeitung, the 42-year-old talks about the upcoming upheaval and the Dortmund Gentality debate.

Thus, the BVB is currently probing the transfer market in order to reinforce in summer. “We have certain topics: Speed in the offensive area, for example, certainly a certain gate contest. Especially since we can not rule out that we lose Erling Haaland ultimately,” said Kehl.

Above all, however, the 42-year-old will wish for players who give everything for the club: “I want to have louder guys, but they really like Bock on this club, tearing out.”

In the past, the Dortmunden had repeatedly been accused of mental problems. Kehl does not want to be counted as an excuse, but also refers to the limited possibilities of black yellow.

“We will have this debate again and again, the leadership phrases. But players who have finished everything already, they are not affordable for us in most cases,” said Kehl.

BVB: Kehl awaits patience

Sebastian Kehl ADMITS Borussia Dortmund is OPEN to Haaland DEPARTURE
From the point of view of the designated sports director, the Westfalenstadion also plays an important role. “Part of the history of this club and our power is this stadium with the fans. Some guys are therefore changed to us. We had the highest spectator cut in Europe before Corona ten years,” Kehl said.

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How exactly the transferummer will look like, Kehl can not say exactly. The fans he warns patience. “It can be good and is even likely that there will be several transfer periods to implement our ideas.”

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