Super rotation speed RPG “FIDGET SPINNER RPG” from May 2 to STEAM early access delivery start. Turn the hand spinner until the space becomes universe

Personal Developer’s Bryce Summer announced on March 30, RPG “ FIDGET Spinner RPG ” to turn the hand spinner from May 2 to Early Access Delivery from May 2. The corresponding platform is PC (Steam).

“FIDGET Spinner RPG” is an RPG that takes a rotating toy hand spinner. Basically, the hand spinner is displayed on the screen. The player will rotate the hand spinner withdrawally. But just turning it. In addition to equipment and craft systems in this work, Mining (mining) · Blacksmithing (forged) · Alchemy (alchemy) · Alchemy (alchemy) also exists. Using the RPG element, you can pursue the rotational speed up to the “Big Big Rotation”. The rotating hand spinner gives a smoke and eventually ignited, emerging the mystery energy and starts to emit a cosmic effect. It is a work that can be spin to the impossible dimension.

“Fidget Spinner RPG” expects early access delivery period for approximately half a year from May 2. As the contents of the early access delivery version, seven types of skills that are the basic elements of the game are implemented from the release time. Also, TALENT (ability) trees and capabilities corresponding to each skill can also be used. The official version implements a prestige system that can be so-called “strong and new games” and an automation mechanism of hiring NPCs. Besides, it is a plan to implement a magical or capabilities craft system, a system to scrap items and obtaining materials.

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Working on this work is the personal developer’s Bryce Summer. He has been working with unique works such as the origami game “Paper-A game of Folding” and a psychedelic rhythm game “Roundabout” series. I would expect how Summer cooks hand spinner experience in the RPG system.

“Fidget Spinner RPG” will start early access delivery at STeam from May 2. Early access delivery period is expected to be one year from half a year. Although the price has not been revealed, it means that the price will be raised according to the addition of content during the early access delivery period.

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