To Brutal: Disney censored Marvel

In principle, there is no peculiarity that movies or series for certain markets defuse something and thus be censored . It is clearly unusual if such a year happens to the original launch. That’s exactly what it applies to a Marvel series , which has been seen since last year at the streaming broadcaster Disney Plus.

This Marvel series was censored

It is the series The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, who celebrated their premiere at Disney Plus on 19 March 2021. As first the RedDit user “Mooninmoulin” has noticed, was censored a certain scene or changed. In a fight in the episode 3 z Wipe numerous containers, Bucky casts an iron rod on a woman in the original version. The rod penetrates into their shoulder and thus holds them on the outer wall of a container. But recently, this scene plays a little differently.

If you look at the episode 3 today, Bucky hursing the bar also to the woman. However, she simply bounces on its shoulder and disappears from the picture laterally. The woman still remains at the place and hanging out what something strangely grabs .

Disney Edits Falcon and Winter Soldier to Censor Violence in Series

Still a change in the Marvel series

Incidentally, it is not the only scene in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, which was censored. Another reddit user has discovered another scene, which now appears significantly less brutal. Here, a particular person is no longer surrounded by blood sprayers on the ground, but completely without blood. Why Disney has opted for this type of subsequent censorship is not known yet. An opinion of the Group is so far. If you can not get enough of Marvel, we recommend the Avengers Collection on Blu-Ray by the way.

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