Haaland: double pack, blood on the ankle and light all-clear

Until half-time, Haaland was on the square for the Norwegians and also met twice. After his second hit shortly before the break, when he marked the 5: 0, the attacker had to be treated. After the side change, the battered BVB attackers did not return to the box.

SENSATIE HAALAND BLIJFT GAAN ???? | Borussia Dortmund vs PSG | Champions League 2019/20 | Samenvatting

“A lot of blood at the ankle”

“That was a hard half-time for Erling. It was a lot of blood on the ankles, so we say him,” said co-trainer Kent Bergsen in the break at TV2. So that can certainly be interpreted as the all-clear.

In a friendly match, it was not necessary to send the best scorer to the race, not even right, since it was already 5: 0. After the break Norway was further in Torlaune, King, Nurembergs Möller Daehle and twice Sörth made for the clear 9: 0 final score.

Whether Haaland’s use on Saturday evening in the Bundesliga game against Leipzig (18.30 clock, live! At Kent Bergsen) is at risk, can not be judged. Haaland lacked 22 January for muscle problems in the adductor area. The 21-year-old celebrated his comeback at 1-0 against Bielefeld, (March 13), at 1: 1 in Cologne last matchday, the BVB gate hunters were back in the Borussen’s starting eleven.

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