Filter reveals the name I would have BOTW 2

Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 TITLE JUST LEAKED...
Recall that during the disclosure of the sequel of Breath of the Wild, Nintendo mentioned that they were not yet ready to reveal ourselves what their official name would be. Apparently, the title that this future launch will have is a kind of spoiler, so the great prefers not to give many details about it. But thanks to a new filtration, it seems that we already know how it will be called.

Paul Gale , Known video game journalist, shared a new publication on his blog where he mentions that the sequel of botw will be known as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Duality. The sources of * Gale * usually always come from friends you have made in the _gaming industry during the last 12 years, although this time it was a bit different.

“The BOTW sequel, as well as its main Gimmick, are precisely on its behalf, which takes up the familiarity of” Breath “of 2017 and” duality “, in the sense that you can play with more characters.

The duality between characters skills, between land and air regions, past and present, darkness and light, etc. If true, it would make sense by why Eiji Aonuma and Nintendo have been so reserved with the name. If it is false or the final name is nothing close to this, I think it’s still a topic of interest. “

On the other hand, Gale also considers that this name could have been mentioned at some point of the development of the game, so there is a possibility that it has been ruled out during this process. Either as it may, we hope to have some kind of novelty related to this sequel in the coming months, especially because we should wait a whole year to play it.

Editor’s Note: Well, it does have a certain sense this name, although it also sounds a bit strange. The truth is that Nintendo is being very reserved as to this, so I would have logic that its name is linked from one way or another to some important mechanics of Gameplay.

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