Skyrim: Fan shares 20 tips that are new for experts

There is hardly anyone who can claim to know all the secrets in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. The game is always huge and there is still something new after 10 years. A fan now shows 20 tips and tricks, of which experts did not know anything yet.

20 tricks for old and new skyrim players

The Reddit User Pestilentpotato wants to help the community. For this he has collected 20 tips and tricks for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim **, which are helpful for both new players and long-established experts. Here is a selection of the best tips:

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* The etheric crown allows you to have two forces of the findlings stones at the same time. By turning it off and restarts after you have used one of the abilities, you reset the associated cooldown.

  • The more expensive the item is that your blacksmith, the more experience you get

  • The attack speed is determined by weight of the weapon. If you use two weapons, the weapon decides in the left hand over the speed of both weapons

  • The grave of Jurgen Winduper gives you a dragon soul if you return the horn after the mission in the main quest

  • The direction in which Dietriche cancel reveals where the right place is to crack the lock.

All 20 tips can be found in the Reddit Post by PestilentPotato. The tips are written in English.

Skyrim: Even after 10 years, there is something new to learn

The tips include small hints of Bethesda and also some bugs that fans can use to their advantage. Although Skyrim is now already more than 10 years old , some fans show up surprised. In the comments, players remember with hundreds of hours playing time that they still have learned something new.

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