Ubisoft: Rumor to the release date of the Star Wars

It has been known for some time ago that Ubisoft’s Studio Massive Entertainment works on a large game in the Star Wars Universe. Although there are too many details so far neither to the content nor the release date. But at least an interesting leak has surfaced recently.

This comes from the leader and industry insider Tom Henderson, who has given some interesting information about the Line-up of Ubisoft (we reported). He later had a separate tweet to follow this report to take a short time on the Star Wars game.

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“I intentionally left Ubisoft’s Star Wars Game out, as his release should probably be farthest. Probably it will come to the market at the earliest 2025.”

Where Henderson relates to its information is not known. However, since he has already properly located with his forecasts and leaks, this time could be something true this time. An opinion or even confirmation by ubisoft or massive entertainment is so far. Incidentally, the latter has made a name for themselves with the online shooter The Division and as a developer of the Snowdrop Game Engine and are also involved in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora.

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