The new update of Nintendo Switch adds a significant improvement in the quality of life

A new update has been launched in Nintendo Switch, which carries the console to version 14.0.0. While Nintendo has launched a series of smaller updates for the console in recent years, this is quite significant and adds at least one welcome change. Most of today’s update is that users can now group the software on the home screen. Users will now be able to create up to 100 different groups, with up to 200 titles in each. It sounds similar to how folders were handled in 3DS, and should make it much easier for players to order your home screen!

Full Notes of Nintendo Patch Official Website can be found below:

Version 14.0.0 (Published on March 21, 2022)

The “Groups” function was added to the All Software menu.

  • Now you can create software groups to help organize your software titles.
  • Make groups for different genres of games, developers or whatever you want to organize can make it easier to find the application you want.
    • Up to 100 groups can be created with a maximum of 200 titles per group.
  • The button to move to the “All software” screen is displayed only when there are 13 or more icons of software titles in the system.
  • For more information, see how to create software groups.

Bluetooth® audio volume behavior was changed.

  • You can now adjust the volume of Bluetooth audio devices using the Nintendo Switch ™ console or using the volume control buttons on the Bluetooth audio device.

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* The Bluetooth audio device must support AVRCP profiles so that these changes work.
* The volume shown in the console will reflect the Bluetooth audio volume when using the device control buttons.
* The maximum volume output has been increased for some Bluetooth audio devices.

Now that the function of groups has been added to Switch, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo offers more personalization features. For example, in 3DS, players could decorate their folders with badges obtained from Nintendo’s insignia. Maybe Nintendo could add more personalization options, but for now, we will only have to wait and see!

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