Twitch and the context lie in the clips: it is not a proof to do what you want

It is no coincidence that at the time when consumption habits of social networks such as twitter or tik tok make us have fun, entertain and even position themselves politically in 280 characters, just be In which the context is more complained as an attenuating or proof of certain tone outings or almost anything that is viral.

It is totally reasonable. In our daily life, our family, couple and friends know how we are after years of coexistence and what our limits, defects and maniah are are. I can make black humor jokes with my partner when we see TV, even with things as sensitive as the invasion of Ukraine, which would not occur to me to publish in networks or proclaim the four winds on the street. And nothing happens because he knows me, they are limits that we have put after years of knowing each other, and that he will not go out to forums where he can offend someone.

In the same way, the position of not being able to judge anyone was reasonable for 30 seconds of comments out of context; Casually the same ones that you have by default a Twitch clip that any user can draw from a live. The benefit of doubt or the presumption of innocence is not only judicial doctrines, but reasonable ways to socialize and interact with other people. No longer by other people, but because it is a deal that we would all want for us.

The context as salvoconduct for everything

Yesterday, it was commented on the national Esports sphere a message from the professional player of League of Legends Oskar “ SelfMade ” Boderek. The jungle of Team Vitality echoed a news from our colleagues in Esportmaniacs in which he himself was the protagonist. This is what your message says: _ “I said in Stream that I was not happy 100% in Fnatic, but that there were also good days and have made an article of that haha. And then you ask why I always say not to your interviews” _.

The text format is one that all means have been doing for a while and that it is nothing other than using fragments of streamings of relevant people to create a piece. The statements are collected and spacious with a bit of context, becoming articles that work reasonably well if the issue is current. It is not a journalistic work of height, but it is something that interests the audience and that, if it is appointing and contextualizes conveniently, it has no more moral dilemma than the use of channel aggregators and not from the original source. It is something like fast food for writing content.

The part of our colleagues is just that: a translation that makes possible access to content to many people who do not dominate English and porta also a bit of context over the past. It seems reasonable to think that SelfMade’s criticism is then at the height of journalism made in said medium… and here the context factor again, which explains very well my companion Bruno in the next tuit.

Context, yes, but also hemeroteca

That SelfMade leave that ball on the quality of Esports journalism by throwing, just the week where not a few people have been forced to leave their work in a medium that sought to make ambitious reports and content of a certain quality as Upcomer, is curious. The cyclical debate on whether the quality in the means of ESPORTS is profitable, or at least sustainable, attacks again .

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No matter how much I am looking for the TL of SelfMade, or I think of self-declarations in the past, worrying about the state of journalism, precariousness in not a few means and how it speaks that for a good journalism it is necessary to support the ambitious content either by sharing it or Making use of payment platforms like The Athletic.

However, yes, I remember that in Esportmaniacs it was talked about certain episodes of SelfMade’s past when he played in Spain, and maybe they may have bothered the Polish jungle to this day. This is also context, because the first part of the previous phrase are factual facts… and The context is not just a sword that can be wielded as a safe conduct until it is reason .

The out of context is also good for many who ask for context

If there is a streamer in Spain that is intimately related to the context and lack of it (the formula out of context that has been accepted recently) is Xokas. This content creator originating from World of Warcraft won his hole in the Mainstream as a result of being a clip out of context: Yes, that in the first Rust Egoland in which he amended the creators of Content by going to a country with a tremendously lowered fiscal pressure, and said that of “when your mother goes to the hospital, I pay it, to the very bristle”. We all understood that it was a refreshing tone out and that it had the courage to verbalize what some people felt .

Such was the success of that little clip of just 40 seconds, that Elxokas has taken prizes in the ESland, gone to a program of maximum relevance such as resistance and achieved more than 4 million views on YouTube with their interview, or even Taken advantage to continue getting subscribers in his meteoric career. The marathonian days of streaming of him were the fuel, but it is undoubted that some statements out of context, crude and comic for the rude of them, were the combutant of his passage to Mainstream.

For during these last months we have seen as this content creator returns to the first flat by new clips “out of context” in which he thinks of all kinds of things. Not at all I dare to criticize this, since it is more than understandable; When you spend 12 hours live almost daily, it is normal to end up talking about reproduction by spores of ferns. But another thing is the bad taste.

Good taste is not at odds with getting angry

The last of all is the one above. In it, a spectator speaks to Xokas about a visible tiredness of the content creator, obtaining as an answer an _ “thank you very much for the encouragement, I thank you very much for your message. Thank you for noticing it, uncle. I hope to see your mother for the Night and tell her that I see her fattening the very fucking. The first thing I’m going to tell you when he hears, I see you more fat, piece of slut. Very informative The message, I thank you for. Thank you for noticing I’m tired After 7 days of 12 hours followed by Stream. Thank you for the appreciation, I think you are the only one of the chat that has been set at this “_.

Of course, the context is important here. Those 12 hours of work 7 days followed were explained by Xokas himself a little later, alluding to the tremendous competitiveness of him and the desire of him of being the best and greatest streamer on the planet. But they also have a relationship with this “the holiday of a weekend” that he said he was going to take this same March.

In the lower text, my partner Bruno reflected with data on this Slavery of the algorithm : _ “Ibai Llanos has had 23 days off since he began the year 2021, Knekro’s accountant stays at 22 and Alexelcapo has been one of the most generous with their time allocating 44 days of rest “_. In addition, echoing the declarations of the Xokas talking about how a free day can be translated into 1000 subs less .

That is the context that explains the fatigue of Xokas, at least if it is combined with the tremendous competitiveness of it. Certain stainful fans ask for the context to be looked for so that the words of the content creator are not taken as everything are, words out of tone against someone who does not work on Amazon / Twitch, nor is it responsible for the algorithm that buries you After three days without making direct or the form of so predatory consumption of today. But of course it is interesting and just look for the context of clips of 30 seconds .

Of course, no context of the world can justify tone outputs of that level; What they can do is explain why they occur. Let’s talk about two factors: The first is that although you can have confidence with someone, like the example of my partner and the black humor of the first paragraphs, a twitch streaming is not a meeting of friends in a house , is Something like a monologue versus thousands of people.

And we have all been in “modern” comedy monologues in which there is a certain part of the public or certain barbarities are committed (I have been to show shows nuns / sits and I have seen spitting in a glans for the jaws). Of course, it is pre-paid and with limited capacity; You know what you are going . But in a Twitch _streaming it is not possible to control who enters, its ages or their knowledge of the context, of that intimacy of the monologuist and the public.

The second factor is the simplest to explain and perhaps the most controversial of the two. Talking about the mother of a stranger in those terms in front of thousands of people is simply some bad taste . I do not think it’s crime, nor those things I’ve read by Twitter, because there is a certain weight of the hypercompetitive character, as well as we all know this creator; Only bad taste. And perhaps what I say is controversial or shocking for some people, but I can not think of a context in which to say in public someone who is a sow is acceptable.

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