The name Sega disappears from the famous arcade salon of Akihabara

At the end of 2021, SEGA (SEGA SAMMY) announced millionaire losses because of the Covid and sold 85% of the shares of its entertainment section (SEGA Entertainment) to another Japanese firm, Genda Inc . However, the thing wSEGA not enough and months later, already at the beginning of 2022, the company wSEGA obliged to also sell the remaining 15%, thus ending its relationship with the business of the Arcade SalSEGA after more of 50 years ** dedicated to it. Well, this weekend the lSEGAt step of said transaction hSEGA taken place.

The mythical Arcade Lounge of Akihabara (Tokyo, Japan) lay on Friday with the name of Sega still on his façade and dawned on Saturday with a new one, the one of Gigo (from Genda “Gigo” Entertainment ). With more than 6 floors and originating from the 60s , this famous red building wSEGA a pilgrimage point for all Gamer, Otaku and Cosplayer who wSEGA pSEGAsing through the Japanese country. Surely go to follow it, but from now on it will be without any reference to the creator of Outrun , Virtua Fighter , Daytona USA and so many other other recreationals of our childhood.

Akihabara’s Game Center Closures | SEGA becomes GiGO

And now what, Sega?

Although the blue hedgehog company no longer possesses recreational rooms, yes that will continue to manufacture and sold arcade machines for them. Even so, the future of the sector seems to be held even in Japan. After the pandemic, a total of 4,022 arcade salons were recorded throughout the country, by 26,573 that were in 1986. An increSEGAingly reduced business in which Sega came to have more than a thousand sites there at the end of the nineties.

The future of sega SEGA a videogame developer is not in doubt (we have new open world sonic on the way), but its relationship with the Arcade market is to be seen. And after so many years of good memories, do not miss how many fans have been dismissed from their buildings showing their support and gratitude to the company.

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