LOL: Professionals are pronounced about the Korean Soloq and his problem with the Super Accounts

When the Professional players have to join to fight for an injustice, you know something goes pretty bad in your game. Soloq Korean Due to the arrival of these * “supercounts” ** that the only thing they are doing is annoying the best players in the region. Many professional players have talked about the problem in their streams and in this article we will collect why they are so angry with Riot Korea.

How do these “super accounts” work? The best player of Soloq explains to you

Dopa , considered by many as the best player in History of Soloq, he commented through his direct as these super accounts worked: “These super accounts have many benefits, more than you can imagine. Do you know In which ELO begins these accounts? In nothing more and nothing less than 1500 lp . That means that the first 10 “. To this, he adds that if lows of 1000 lps in those accounts means that you are just a grandmaster that has given him rights greater than others.

Keria commented that this is not new: “Is this the level in the Korean server? I remember all this began to notice two or three years ago . The rankeds are currently more luck than anything else. ” That is, all these changes and the arrival of accounts from Riot comes from a distance, only that the bubble has fully exploited now.

The Faker Solo Queue Drama Explained

annoyance and disconformity among professionals

Faker , the legendary midlaner of T1, has been the one who has mentioned this problem most, threatening even with not playing more: “The Challenger Level These days is being the lowest of the last 10 years** ; All professionals agree. What happened? That Riot has given too many super accounts. Something strange is happening in the Korean single; I think they should reset the season. “

But it is not the only team that has complained, GUMAYUSI , for example, it comments that “if you ask you to any Korea pro, you are going to say that the rankeds are broken.” On the other hand, oner It is sharp in your statements and comments that it no longer plays: “I used to play ranked in my free time and now I barely play it. Playing Soloq today does not benefit me at all”.

Another that has wanted to pronounce actively has been chovy , who even wants a mutual union among all professionals to look for a solution to this great problem: “I can not believe that in this type of items you are between 0, 1% of the players. Seriously, if I get a new account I do not think the level is very different. The current single does not help at all and it is too toxic, we need to unite and protest for this “.

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