How to change the hairstyle of a superstar in WWE 2K22

Hairstyles can be a means of external expression, and in the WWE, the appearance of the superstar can transmit aspects of their identity. Want a few red spikes to show that you are tuned seriously? Act. Want to look more modest to deceive competitors? Certainly! This is how to change the hairstyle in WWE 2K22.

To change your hairstyle, you want to be in Character Creator . From there you want:

  • Go to outfit
  • Choose appearance
  • Press hair and face part

Once in this section, you can change the hairstyle of your superstar and choose a hairstyle from a variety of hairstyles that offers you a game. You can also change the color of any hair with which you will encounter, as well as any hair on the face that you decide to have. It is amazing, as you can fully use dyes!

If you are lucky enough to choose a famous fighter from the real world and to change it to a change in appearance, then your options will be reduced only before staining their hair.

You can not change the hairstyle of any characters that are real professional fighters, because this is how they look in real life. For them, it would be a little if you could give them a completely different hairstyle, so the function is blocked.

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