PlayStation Plus users can get great free games in April

PlayStation Plus subscribers can get some great free games for April 2022. Sony has not yet announced free PS PLUS games subscribers in PS4 and PS5, and this will not change even closer to the end of the month. That said, meanwhile, two games in particular seem to be potentially ready to be included in the April alignment due to their respective launch dates on April 5. On April 5 is the first Tuesday of the month. The first Tuesday of each month is when the free PLUS PLUS games are released. And with the Sony boom ensuring the releases from the first day for both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, the Games that meet the previous criteria are always more likely to be included in PlayStation Plus. By April 2022, these games include mlb The show 22 and Lego Star Wars: La Saga Skywalker.

Last year, mlb The 21 show was a launch of the first day for Xbox Game Pass, and it was a very bad appearance for PlayStation, which is responsible for the mlb the series show. In summary, it was bad that Sony had one of his own games to include it with Xbox Game Pass on the launch but not with PlayStation Plus. Fast forward and mlb The Show 22 will be included with Xbox Game Pass when it is launch on April 5. Surely, PlayStation will not repeat the same public relations error twice in a row, which is why many speculate that it will be done “free” with PS more.

The other game is an equally big launch, and that is Lego Star Wars: Saga Skywalker. PlayStation does not participate in the development of this game, so its inclusion is much less likely, but PlayStation has helped market the game here and there, so the possibility is certainly on the table.

Next, you can read more about each game and see an advance of each:

LEGO STAR WARS: The Saga Skywalker: «Play the nine bug of the Galaxies Films of the Saga in a new Lego Video game like no other! Fly through the galaxy to discover the most legendary places in the saga and change history at will. A very, very distant galaxy has never been more fun! “

MLB The Show 22: «Each Launch. Each hit. Each victory. Leave your mark and be the owner of the show in mlb the show 22. Create and use multiple Ballplayers, beyond your personalized Baseball RPG experience Road to the Show, and personalize your Ballplayers as you want to help you in your progression ».

PS PLUS April 2022 | Not Again... | PS PLUS PS News #psplus

For now, I take everything here with a great salt grain and remember that all this is speculation. None of these games has been confirmed for PlayStation Plus next month. And it is likely that they are not included because this is how the probability works.

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