Where to find the shield in the tunic

We would not blame the players if they did not know where to find the shield in the tunic, since all the game is an open experience in which your adventurer can go in any direction after getting his first real sword, and good, it is not. Exactly stretched there on the road. If you have trouble finding it, do not worry, we have it covered with this step-by-step guide. Follow this guide on where to find the shield in the tunic.

The first thing you’ll have to do is find a golden key. Any golden key will work at the closed door to which we will guide you, but if you are at the beginning of the game and you still have no one, then you can find a roll on the floor near some pork men in the location we have marked on the map of above. You can fight to open yourself up through the various enemies, or run and dodge your way to the key, and then get out of there.

Once you have your precious golden key, you must go up to the old house, where you can now open the main door. You have to have opened a door before you get to the sword of the hero and leave the start area, so you will certainly know what to do when the message appears.

Now that you are inside the house, you can plunder the chest to find the 1G miserable inside. After that, go through the door under the red curtain and you will find yourself in a sinister-looking corridor. It looks much worse than it really is because good, to be honest, it is a straight line road and there are no enemies there. It should be able to reach the other end without any problem.

On the other side of the corridor, you will find yourself in a somber room that has the same kind of creepy aesthetics. On the floor, on the other side of the wooden planks bridge done in a hurry, you will be the shield, which you can pick up with your action button.

Tunic How to Get the Shield - Shield Location

Congratulations, you already have the shield! Enemies will be much harder to get up with you now.

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